Elegant Financial is a team of thinkers, dreamers and doers with an insider’s perspective and an outsider’s approach. We’re not like other financial brokerages and that’s not a good thing — that’s a great thing.

Elegant Financial Inc was founded in 2004 and have been steadily growing ever since. We are a full service finance management company specializing in all six essential components of financial planning: knowledge base, cash flow management, risk management, tax planning, investment planning and estate planning.

We are a company of entrepreneurs who strive for excellence, to create and execute life-changing financial strategies for your clientele. Being on top of the latest technologies and industry trends is what’s brought us to where we are today. With advisors in mind, we are constantly innovating and developing tools that will help simplify and grow your practice.

Our goal is to give you the Ultimate Independent Advisor’s Experience.


To become Canada’s #1 choice for advisors in technology, experience & freedom.


To provide an advanced platform for independent advisors


Care. Trust. Integrity.

Measurable Solutions
Financial success is easy to measure whether one or more elements are being targeted. Elegant advisors know how to meet, and exceed, client expectations by analyzing their unique needs and providing a customized financial strategy.

Personal Approach
As a leading financial provider, Elegant Financial Inc. considers personal approach and quality results as our core responsibilities. Carte advisors set exemplary standards and enjoy a unique social working environment in which they can provide the finest customer service for clients from all walks of life.

Open-door Policy
Advisors play a significant role in developing our brand. Elegant advisors actively participate and seek out new ideas that can help our company, as a whole, grow and progress as the demands of the market change. Our “open-door” policy invites suggestions, questions and concerns from all individuals.

A private blog just for our Advisors
Carte Up is our online financial blog for advisors to help you to stay on top of industry trends, news, and much more. Constant knowledge is a key factor if you want to be relevant to your clients and build a sustainable referral-based business.

The right tools at the right moment.
At Carte Academy, we strive to empower our advisors through continuous practical education in all areas that will help get the results needed. Continuously learn from industry experts about new product and trends, marketing and sales, brand development, workshops and more.

Events & Seminars to help your growth
We strive to bring the latest and best training, bring together networking events and seminars to help your business get stronger and better. Click here to explore Carte Connect

Our monthly newsletter keeps you updated
To keep your inbox light we condense most of our communication to once a month or we send you reminders to log into Carte Online.

At Elegant, you are not just a number – you are an Elegant Partner.

Benny Cheung

We are looking for advisors who want to take their business to the next level and use the power of digital marketing and technology to grow their business. If you are looking for a brokerage firm that cares about you, we need to talk!

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